Various Changes

United Changes Award Booking Fees, Stopover Policy
United Airlines recently made various changes to award flight redemptions made through its Mileage Plus program. Instead of free stopovers, members can now use the "Excursionist Perk". There have also been various changes to booking and cancellation fees.
Updated information in Stopovers on Award Bookings in Module 5 of Course 6, and the PDF download on United's Mileage Plus program in Module 2 of Course 4.
Updates to Credit Cards that Earn Points with the ATO
There have been some substantial changes to our master list of credit cards that award frequent flyer points for tax payments to the ATO. New cards have been added to the list, while some cards will soon no longer earn points. This list is available in Module 3 of Course 3.
New Credit Card Bonuses
New credit cards are offering bonus sign-up points to new cardholders. Updated Current Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses in Module 3 of Course 3.