Various Changes

New Oneworld Status Match
A oneworld airline is currently offering a status match for anyone with existing oneworld status. Full details have been added to our list of Airlines that DO and DON'T Match Status in Module 1 of Course 7.
Updated Qantas Status Run Information
The Qantas Status Runs page in Module 1 of Course 7 has been updated to reflect some new status run opportunities.
Virgin America Elevate Program Winding Up
The Virgin America Elevate program will cease to exist early next year, and it is no longer possible to redeem Elevate points for Virgin Australia flights (and vice versa). As such, we have removed content relating to the Virgin America Elevate program from Module 2 of Course 4.
You can still buy & redeem Etihad Guest miles for Virgin Australia flights!
Airberlin Bankruptcy
Oneworld member Airberlin will shortly cease all operations. Its frequent flyer program, Topbonus, has also been declared insolvent. We have therefore removed content relating to the Airberlin Topbonus program from Module 1 of Course 2.
Turkish Airlines' New Australian Credit Card Partners
It's now possible to transfer Diners Club and Citibank points to Turkish Airlines' Miles&Smiles program. Updated Australian Credit Card Rewards Programs: Redemptions & Transfer Partners pdf download in Module 2 of Course 3.
Updated Credit Card Offers & ATO-Earning Cards
Our Credit Card Master List in Module 2 of Course 3, and our list of Current Card Card Sign-up Bonuses in Module 3 of Course 3 are continuously updated to reflect the current credit card sign-up offers available.
Earlier this month, we also updated our list of Cards that earn points for ATO payment in Module 3 of Course 3.