Various Changes

Qantas Club Membership Fees Increase
Qantas has increased the cost of Qantas Club membership. Updated Paid Airline Lounge Membership Prices and Comparison of Lounge Memberships & Passes pdf download in Module 2 of Course 7.
There is a silver lining, though. You can now earn Qantas points when paying Qantas Club membership fees.
AAdvantage Status Challenge Rates Updated
AAdvantage has adjusted its status challenge sign-up fees slightly. Updated American Airlines Status Challenge pdf download in Module 1 of Course 7.
Credit Card Offers Updated
Various credit card bonus point offers have expired, while new ones have been added. Updated Current Credit Card Sign-up Bonuses and our Credit Card Master List in Module 2 of Course 3.
Some new credit cards have also been added to the spreadsheet linked above.
Travel Insurance Discount Codes Updated
Travel insurance discount codes have been updated in Module 2 of Course 9.