Course 7: Airline Status

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Course Description
It's not all about frequent flyer points! Frequent travellers can benefit greatly from the perks that come with airline elite status. Benefits include complimentary lounge access, a better chance of upgrading, the ability to skip queues and much more! This course covers a range of strategies to achieve elite status faster, and potentially even for free.

Don't fly often? No problem! You may be able to get some of these perks (such as lounge access) anyway for a small fee. We'll show you how.

Course Material
6 x Instructional Videos, totalling 50 minutes + Presentation Slides
4 x Downloadable Information Sheets
7 x Online Note Sheets

Course Content
Module 1 Shortcuts to Earning Status
Status comes with fantastic perks, such as lounge access, a better chance of getting upgraded and priority at the airport. Discover some serious shortcuts to earning status, and start enjoying the perks!
Unit 1 Maximising Status Credits
Unit 2 Status Runs
Unit 3 Status Matches
Unit 4 Status Challenges
Module 2 Lounge Access for Less
Don't fly enough to earn status? No worries! There are numerous other ways to gain airport lounge access, and many cost less than you may think. This module explores the many different types of paid lounge memberships available, as well as various tricks for cut-price lounge access.
Unit 1 Paid Airline Lounge Memberships
Unit 2 Priority Pass & Credit Card Lounge Access
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