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I highly recommend your business and service and will definitely be telling my friends. I believe the company has been in business for quite a number of years and I can see why. Thank you so much for your help - very much appreciated.
Pat S- August 2017

The service gave me options for travel which was especially good seeing my original plans were not going to work. Saved me a lot of heartache. Thanks for your assistance.
Leon B- August 2017

I found the whole experience of working with your organisation to be of the most satisfying nature. Having wasted endless hours trying to sort my own way through the quagmire that is points assisted airline travel, your incredibly helpful input has just nailed everything I require to make a well informed decision. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all. My wife & I will have no hesitation in utilising your services in the future.
Larry I- May 2017

I had almost given up trying to use my reward points for two of us to travel to Lisbon business class from Hobart, I spoke to Qantas three times and also a travel agent, all came up with a big fat zero. I then asked these guys for help. They charged me $100 and after three days I received all the information I needed to make it all work with exact details on how and when to make my bookings. They also gave me some free advice on my homeward leg. It is great to speak to an organisation that say what they do and do what they say, good job Frequent Flyer Solutions.
Charles W- May 2017

I would like to thank you for your help. Your personalised report was fantastic, even taking into account our schedule whilst in the UK and our travel plans later in the year! I will be sure to recommend your service to my friends and family and will be in contact soon regarding our next trip.
Nilesh- Mar 2017

This is the second time I have used your service and I find it excellent. The value for money is unbelievable, given that it saves me an enormous amount of time not having to search for various options on the net. I will continue to use your service without fail!
George H- Mar 2017

Frequent Flyer Solutions helped us get the business award seats we wanted, when we didn’t know how to use our points with a particular partner airline. Everything worked exactly as per the report, which was clear, concise and easy to follow
Bronwyn T- Feb 2017

Awesome knowledge and customer service. The report was great. You guys managed to find me a way to use my points and most of all you educated me on how to search for flights using a method I was not aware of. You could have kept this secret but you shared it and that gives you top marks in my book.
Scott- Dec 2016

While I had long been aware of the availability of the One World Reward scheme, which offers up to 5 stopovers on 3 carriers for 140,000 points, I had never been able to secure such an itinerary. It was just way too difficult to achieve. With the new Freq Fly Solutions Service I thought I would try again. I submitted a rough outline of a flight plan & within two days received a comprehensive report describing how to proceed with options to maximise stopovers, useful surface sectors & most importantly dates on which various airlines would release their reward seats. The booking process which required me to book sectors both online and via the Qantas call centre, was carefully explained. Follow up questions were quickly responded to. Yes the process was complicated but the Freq Fly Solutions team kept up my confidence that it would all work out. And it did. So for 140,000 pts each, I have two tickets going Sydney-Buenos Aires-Montevideo-Sao Paulo-Rio-Galapagos-Miami-New York-Sydney. I think this is great value for my points & I have the Freq Fly Solutions folk to thank for it.
Zenon M- Dec 2016

Without your assistance I would not have been able to find either of the flights (there and back). Worth every penny - I was able to adapt your suggestions to suit me . It really helped to know the tricks, and where to look. We successfully got 3 seat business class to Spain and back (on the same plane).
Keva C- Nov 2016

Great when you are time poor. Singapore Airlines has circuitous and long flights to Canada and it was much easier to use Flight Assist to work out the Business Class options with KrisFlyer miles on Air Canada.
Tim W - Nov 2016

Well, I must admit that I was absolutely blown away by your report following my enquiry about using points for travel.
The comprehensive nature of its content was totally impressive as were the options you provided. I would also make special note of the very professional manner in which the report was presented.
What was even more impressive was that fact that you were able to come up with options despite the short lead time and the time of year for the proposed travel.
Robert W - Oct 2016

I’ve been a QFF for many years and a lurker on the Australian Frequent Flyer for quite a long while. I read the emails and the tips but putting them into practise was a little more difficult.
A trip to the UK next year for my son’s wedding prompted me to get a little more serious about my wishes to fly business class and I started saving my points in earnest. However trying to get that elusive business seat prompted me to check again on the Australian Frequent Flyer last week and I saw the service that they now provide to help members source those frequent flyer seats. I decided to give it a go and sent off my information.
I must say I was delighted to get the in-depth information that I received, step by step instructions on what I could redeem and how. I am delighted to say I have now booked return business class seats for both my husband and myself from Singapore to London- I had read about redeeming seats on this leg but never seriously looked at it before. I have also booked good seats on an economy airline from Sydney to Singapore. FrequentFlyer gave me 4 options with step by step instructions.
It’s been an good investment for me – I can now arrive refreshed and relaxed for a very important wedding.
Roslyn M - Sept 2016

We completed an online questionnaire about the details of our trip and what we wanted. Two days later we received a comprehensive document with practically all the information we needed to decide which airlines to use and when and how to approach the actual booking. We found the service very helpful and as promised, especially the follow-up support when new questions arose in our minds. We are confident to recommend Award Flight Assist to anyone new to this challenging business of award flight booking.
Joseph T - Sept 2016

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Frequent Flyer Solutions for their great service. They were quick to respond to my query about travelling to the UK ( either direct or with stop overs) and even came up with some solutions that I had not thought of, which if I decide to take up will save me hundreds of dollars in taxes. This is a great comprehensive service and one that I fully recommend if you want to see some savings.
Noreen B - Sept 2016

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