Getting the Best Seat on the Plane

Would you like to stretch out in the front row, or perhaps an elusive exit row seat on your next flight? Well, you can! There’s a trick that’s guaranteed to get you a better seat on the plane.
You may have noticed that when you try to choose a seat, the front rows are unavailable for selection. This is because airlines often "block" these seats for high-status frequent flyers booking at the last minute.
But even if you don't have Platinum status, you can still sit in the front row! The trick is to change your seat as soon as the airline releases the best seats for general selection.
With Qantas, this occurs exactly 80 hours before the scheduled departure time. So, if you were to log into "Manage Booking" exactly 3 days and 8 hours before your flight, you would find that you suddenly had access to many of the seats that were previously unavailable!
This trick works for other airlines too – although the exact time when the seats are released varies. With Singapore Airlines, for example, most seats become available 96 hours prior to wheels-up.

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Using this trick, you'll never be stuck in a middle seat or at the back of the plane again!.
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