Course 6: Cheap Flights

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Course Description
Fly for less! This course explains countless tips & tricks to save money on plane tickets. It will show you the best tools to use to find cheap flights, and reveal some of the loopholes that can be exploited to gain maximum value from your plane tickets. This course also covers round-the-world tickets and free stopovers in detail.

Discover how to fly across the country for as little as $27, or around the world for as little as $2,000!

Course Material
11 x Instructional Videos, totalling 98 minutes + Presentation Slides
1 x 13 minute Demonstration Video
8 x Downloadable Information Sheets
5 x Online Note Sheets

Course Content
Module 1 Introduction to Airfare Pricing
Understanding how airfare prices work will help you to score the cheapest flights!
Unit 1 The Science of Airfares
Unit 2 Points vs Revenue Airfares
Module 2 Tools for Finding Cheap Flights
Easily find the cheapest flights online – from simple one-way to complex multi-city bookings.
Unit 1 Online Tools for Finding Cheap Flights
Unit 2 ITA Matrix
Module 3 Strategies for Cheap Flights
Specific strategies to save serious money on your next flight.
Unit 1 Strategies for Cheap Flights
Unit 2 Avoid Credit Card Fees
Module 4 Round-the-World Tickets
Book that round-the-world trip of a lifetime!
Unit 1 Alliance Round-the-World Tickets
Unit 2 Other Cheap Round-the-World Tickets
Module 5 Stopovers & Ticketing Tricks
Enjoy two holidays for the price of one! Learn how to take advantage of free stopovers, plus tips & tricks to visit more places and reap extra value from your ticket.
Unit 1 The Benefits of Transits
Unit 2 Free Stopovers
Unit 3 Ticketing Tricks
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