Convert Flybuys Points to Virgin Australia Flights

Thanks to the new partnership between Flybuys and Virgin Australia’s Velocity program, there are now more ways than ever to redeem your Flybuys points!
As you may know, Flybuys points can be redeemed for groceries, merchandise and gift vouchers, as well as flights and hotels booked through the Flybuys travel portal. All of these redemptions will net you 0.5 cents per point in value...
... but if you want to redeem your points for flights, you can now transfer your points to two frequent flyer programs: Etihad Guest or Virgin Australia Velocity.
If you're planning to use your points to fly on Virgin Australia, these methods will provide much better value for your Flybuys points.
10,000 Flybuys points can be converted to 4,000 Etihad Guest miles. That gives a value of 0.4 Etihad miles for every 1 Flybuys point. Flybuys points can also be converted to Velocity Frequent Flyer, at a rate of 2,000 Flybuys points to 870 Virgin Velocity points. That gives each Flybuys point a value of 0.435 Velocity points. Between the two programs, points can be redeemed for travel on over 30 airlines.
Importantly, both programs allow redemptions on Virgin Australia. But if you're planning to use your Flybuys points for Virgin Australia flights, which program should you transfer to?
The short answer is... it depends. Both programs charge virtually identical taxes for Virgin Australia reward flights - but they do not charge the same number of points! This means there are numerous sweet spots across both programs.
The difference in points can be significant. For example, a return Virgin flight from Sydney to Cairns would cost you 34,500 Flybuys points if you converted them to Etihad Guest miles. But the same redemption would set you back 81,880 points if you transferred your Flybuys points to Velocity!
If you have a particular redemption flight in mind, we recommend first checking the flight's distance in miles. This can be done using the Great Circle Mapper website. Once you've worked out the flight's distance, simply use our handy table to work out the best program to use (see below).
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