Course 3: Credit Cards

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Course Description
Credit cards are one of the most popular ways to earn frequent flyer points without flying. It is possible to earn tens of thousands of points every year (literally!!) by paying for everything on a points-earning credit card. They are also a great way to earn large chunks of points for free, by taking advantage of extremely generous sign-up bonuses.

This course explains how to maximise your frequent flyer point haul with credit cards. It will help you to choose the best credit card/s for you and explain some of the tips and tricks that can be used to squeeze the most value from your credit card rewards points.

Don't want a credit card? No worries! This course also looks at some methods of earning points without using credit.

Course Material
11 x Instructional Videos, totalling 59 minutes + Presentation Slides
1 x 4 minute Demonstration Video
2 x Downloadable Information Sheets
3 x Online Note Sheets

Course Content
Module 1 Introduction to Credit Card Rewards
An introduction to the world of credit cards.
Unit 1 Why Credit Cards?
Unit 2 Introduction to Credit Card Reward Programs
Module 2 Credit Card Rewards Programs
This module contains a complete overview of Australian credit card rewards programs. It also analyses the best (and worst) ways to use or transfer your credit card rewards points.
Unit 1 Complete Overview of Credit Card Programs
Unit 2 Redeeming Credit Card Reward Points
Unit 3 Transferring Points
Unit 4 Choose the Right Credit Card
Module 3 Advanced Credit Card Earning Methods
Maximise your points by paying the ATO with the right credit card. Paying tax has never been so rewarding!
Unit 1 Earn Points for Tax Payments
Unit 2 Bonus Sign-up Points
Unit 3 Credit Ratings
Module 4 Alternatives to Credit Cards
Other methods of earning points through everyday spending and loans.
Unit 1 Point-earning Alternatives to Credit Cards
Unit 2 Frequent Flyer Points on Loans
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