Fly for just $27! [Free Insight]

Whether you’re a frequent flyer, or just an occasional traveller, everyone loves a great deal on flights. But did you know that it’s possible to fly for less than the cost of the taxi to the airport?
We've devoted an ENTIRE COURSE of our Frequent Flyer Solutions training program to Cheap Flights.
One of the strategies covered in this course is the Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee. If you want to fly across the country (or overseas) for as little as possible, then Jetstar's Price Beat Guarantee is definitely worth knowing about. Using the Guarantee, you could fly from Sydney to Melbourne for as little as $27 – while avoiding all credit card and booking fees!

Free Frequent Flyer Solutions Extract

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For domestic flights, the best deals are usually found when matching Tigerair flights. Tigerair often has very low fares, especially during sales. Some of the best Tigerair deals are available during the airline's Saturday Flight Fever promotions every Saturday from 12-4pm.
For flights to Bali, you may be able to save money by using the Price Beat Guarantee, matching with Air Asia or Tigerair flights. Flights to Singapore can often be matched with Scoot for a great deal.
This is an example of one of many little-known tidbits that makes Frequent Flyer Solutions such a valuable resource!
Full details of this strategy, plus ways to save money on flights to anywhere in the world, the best time to book, and many more tips are available to our Frequent Flyer Solutions members.
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