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This information is correct as of 15th August 2018.
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How to Maximise Your Upgrade Chances
Upgrading to Business or First class is not only an affordable way to travel in luxury, but also an excellent use of frequent flyer points. Unfortunately, there's a catch: upgrades can be difficult... more
Convert Flybuys Points to Virgin Australia Flights at the Best Rate
Thanks to the new partnership between Flybuys and Virgin Australia’s Velocity program, there are now more ways than ever to redeem your Flybuys points! As you may know, Flybuys points can be... more
Getting the Best Seat on the Plane
Would you like to stretch out in the front row, or perhaps an elusive exit row seat on your next flight? Well, you can! There’s a trick that’s guaranteed to get you a better seat on the plane... more
One Dollar Car Hire
Hiring a car gives you the freedom to travel wherever you like, and at your own pace. But hire cars can also be expensive – especially if you’re after a one-way rental. The good news is... more
Little-Known Shortcut to Virgin Australia Status
Virgin Velocity Gold status comes with tons of benefits when you fly Virgin Australia or any of its partner airlines. These include lounge access, bonus points and the ability to change... more
Earn Thousands of Extra Points at Coles & Woolworths!
If you shop at Coles or Woolworths, scanning your loyalty card every week, chances are you’re constantly disappointed with the lack of meaningful rewards. The reason for this is that... more
How to Find the Perfect Credit Card
Credit cards make it exceptionally easy to maximise your frequent flyer points. You could easily earn tens, or even hundreds of thousands of points each year by taking advantage of generous... more
Save Thousands on RTW Flights
Round-the-World plane tickets are exceptional value. Each of the three global airline alliances – oneworld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam – offer special airfares, tapping into the... more
Shortcut Your Way to Qantas Status
If you are reading this, the chances are that you're a keen frequent flyer and would therefore be well aware of the benefits of airline status. A quick summary for the less informed... more
Fly for just $27
Whether you're a frequent flyer, or just an occasional traveller, everyone loves a great deal on flights. But did you know that it's possible to fly for less than the cost of the taxi to the airport... more
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