Course 8: Non-Airline Loyalty Programs

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Course Description
If you ever stay in hotels, rent a car, or even just shop at your local supermarket, then non-airline loyalty programs could make an enormous difference to your travel experience! For example, hotel loyalty programs offer benefits such as room upgrades, lounge access and free nights! Or by maximising supermarket loyalty programs, you could be earning points and saving money at a much, much higher rate. Perhaps you own a small business? You could be taking advantage of bonus points, discounted flights and even an easy fast-track to Virgin Velocity Gold status!

This course takes a detailed look at how to maximise the value in hotel, supermarket, small business and car hire loyalty programs in Australia.

Course Material
9 x Instructional Videos, totalling 91 minutes + Presentation Slides
2 x minute Demonstration Videos totalling 7 minutes
4 x Downloadable Information Sheets
1 x Online Note Sheets

Course Content
Module 1 Hotel Loyalty Programs
Improve your travel experience with hotel loyalty programs! These programs offer countless opportunities to earn and redeem points towards free nights, room upgrades, flights and more. Plus, if you stay in hotels often, you could benefit enormously from hotel status.
Unit 1 Introduction to Hotel Loyalty Programs
Unit 2 Overview of Hotel Loyalty Programs
Unit 3 Hotel Program Status Shortcuts
Module 2 Supermarket Loyalty Programs
Beat the supermarkets at their own game! Maximise your supermarket points & savings using some simple tricks.
Unit 1 Flybuys & Woolworths Rewards
Unit 2 Targeted Bonus Offers
Unit 3 Redeeming Flybuys Points
Module 3 Programs for Small Businesses & Corporate Travellers
Find out how you and your business could benefit from the Qantas & Virgin Australia loyalty programs aimed at small to medium businesses.
Unit 1 Qantas Business Rewards
Unit 2 Virgin Australia Accelerate
Module 4 Car Hire Loyalty Programs
How to make the most of car hire loyalty programs.
Unit 1 Car Hire Loyalty Programs
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