Course 9: Overseas Travel Tips

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Course Description
This course will help you improve your travel experience, while saving money in the process! It explains how you can hire a car for just $1 a day, get the best rate on foreign currency, score the best seat on the plane, and much more. It will also guide you through the necessary steps of planning an overseas trip.

Prepare for an unforgettable travel experience - even if you're on a budget.

Course Material
9 x Instructional Videos, totalling 65 minutes + Presentation Slides
4 x Downloadable Information Sheets
3 x Online Note Sheets

Course Content
Module 1 Travel Money
If you're heading overseas or enjoy shopping online, you'll need to make purchases in foreign currency. This module will show you how to exchange cash at the best possible rate, as well as the best credit and debit cards to use for transactions in foreign currency.
Unit 1 Exchanging Cash at the Best Rate
Unit 2 Best Travel Money, Debit & Credit Cards
Module 2 Trip Planning
Everything you need to know to prepare for overseas travel.
Unit 1 Find the Perfect Hotel
Unit 2 Alternatives to Hotels
Unit 3 Getting Around Overseas
Unit 4 Preparing for Overseas Travel
Module 3 Improve Your Travel Experience
Tips and tricks to improve your international travel experience, while saving money!
Unit 1 Effortlessly Manage Your Bookings
Unit 2 Score the Best Seat on the Plane
Unit 3 Save Money Overseas
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