Course 4: Premium Travel for Peanuts

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Course Description
Enjoy travelling in the luxury of Business or First Class (who doesn't?!) but don't want to pay full price? No worries!

It is possible to travel in the pointy end for little more than the cost of a regular Economy class ticket! The trick is to buy frequent flyer miles from one of a number of overseas programs at a discount, then to find the sweet spots to redeem these for the best possible value.

Imagine flying to Europe in First Class for just $2,000! You can, thanks the tips & tricks in this course.

Course Material
9 x Instructional Videos, totalling 36 minutes + Presentation Slides
1 x 3 minute Demonstration Video
7 x Downloadable Information Sheets
2 x Online Note Sheets

Course Content
Module 1 Introduction to Buying Points
In this module you will discover how buying frequent flyer points can unlock some great deals by redeeming the points for heavily discounted First and Business class flights. I will present a "plan of attack" so that you are prepared for the promotions as well as outline some potential pitfalls.
Unit 1 Why Buy Frequent Flyer Points?
Unit 2 Preparation & Potential Risk
Module 2 Programs that Sell Points
In this module, we'll look at six international frequent flyer programs that sell their miles, including the sweet spots of each program.
Unit 1 American Airlines AAdvantage
Unit 2 Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
Unit 3 United Mileage Plus
Unit 4 Avianca Life Miles
Unit 5 Etihad Guest
Unit 6 British Airways Executive Club
Unit 7 Buying Hotel Program Points
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