Shortcut to Qantas Status [Free Insight]

If you are reading this, the chances are that you’re a keen frequent flyer and would therefore be well aware of the benefits of airline status.
(A quick summary for the less informed: Airline status comes with enormous perks that can make all the difference to your travels. I’m talking about free airport lounge access, bonus points, a higher chance of getting upgraded, an increased baggage allowance, access to better seats, priority check-in... the list goes on!)
It's no wonder that elite status is so highly sought after! That’s why we have devoted an ENTIRE COURSE to it in our Frequent Flyer Solutions training program.
One strategy covered in the course is "Status Challenges". These are a little-known fast-track to elite status. If you're offered a status challenge, you'll need to reach a modest target amount of status credits within a short period (usually about 90 days). Once this target has been reached, you can then enjoy the perks of your new status!

Free Frequent Flyer Solutions Extract

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Status challenges are offered by the three major US airlines – American Airlines, United and Delta. But there are a number of other airlines that may also offer you a status challenge. One of these airlines is our very own Qantas!
By taking advantage of a Qantas Status Challenge, you could earn Gold status for as little as 200 status credits, or Platinum status for as little as 400 status credits. That's less than a third of the usual requirement, and these targets are easily achievable with a modest amount of flying or a status run. This makes it possible to earn Gold or Platinum status for thousands of dollars less than would usually be required!
This information is not widely known, and is certainly not published by Qantas!
This is an example of one of many little-known tidbits that makes Frequent Flyer Solutions such a valuable resource!
Full details of this strategy, as well as the status challenges offered by the US-based airlines, are available to our Frequent Flyer Solutions members.
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