Save Thousands on RTW Flights [Free Insight]

Round-the-World plane tickets are exceptional value. Each of the three global airline alliances – oneworld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam – offer special airfares, tapping into the route networks of the airlines in the alliance. These fares offer unbelievable flexibility and unbeatable value, with up to 16 flights and unlimited stopovers allowed on the one ticket. They are also incredibly easy to plan and book online.
It's for this reason that we cover, in some detail, Round-the-World tickets in our popular course on CHEAP FLIGHTS.

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The price of a Round-the-World ticket varies substantially, depending on a range of factors. But, there is a simple trick that you can use to pay less than half of the already discounted round-the-world ticket price!
Using this trick, you could fly around the world in Business class for less than $7,000.
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We discovered that the cost of a round-the-world ticket varies drastically, depending on the country where the ticket is purchased. A five-continent oneworld Explorer ticket in Business class would cost around $14,000 if purchased in Australia. However, an identical trip purchased in one particular country would cost just $6,885!
For under $7,000 you could visit five continents, flying around the world the luxury in Business class on premium airlines!
This information - including the countries where to purchase cheap RTW tickets - is not widely known, and is certainly not promoted by Australian-based airlines!

UPDATE 7 JUNE 2016: Late last week, Oneworld increased the base prices of its oneworld Explorer fares in various different markets. Unfortunately, this means that the $6,885 fare for a 5-continent Business class oneworld Explorer fare is no longer available. However, this principle remains a valuable trick. By beginning a round-the-world trip overseas, it is still possible to save well over $4,000 on the cost of an identical ticket bought in Australia.
The good news is that it is still possible to fly around the world in Business class for under $7,000! This and other tricks for discounted round-the-world airfares are covered in Module 4 of our course on CHEAP FLIGHTS.

This is an example of one of many little-known tidbits that makes Frequent Flyer Solutions such a valuable resource! 
Full details about alliance round-the-world airfares, where to purchase your ticket for the greatest discount, and other special round-the-world fares are available to Frequent Flyer Solutions members.
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