Earn thousands of Flybuys and Woolworths Reward points at no extra cost! [Free Insight]

If you shop at Coles or Woolworths, the chances are you’re constantly disappointed with the lack of meaningful rewards.
The reason for this is that supermarket loyalty programs are NOT designed to reward loyal customers. They're designed to encourage customers to shop more often and to spend more. They are also set up to encourage you to scan your card every time you shop. This way, the supermarket can collect as much information about you as possible.
Loyalty programs just love getting data about you and your shopping habits. This information is then used to send you targeted offers...
... but targeted offers are not a bad thing. Indeed, targeted offers are where the real value lies in supermarket loyalty programs! For example, one recent promotion offered 10,000 bonus points for spending just $50 per week for 4 weeks. Just two of these offers would earn you enough Flybuys points for a flight to New Zealand!

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Targeted offers are just that – they're tailored to individual customers, based on the data the supermarket collects about your spending habits. For example, if you usually spent $70 per week at Coles, they might offer you 1,000 bonus points for spending $100. However, if you usually spent $150, they might offer you 1,000 bonus points for spending $180. The target set will be a little bit higher than your average spend, so that it encourages you to spend more while still being achievable.
The best way to maximising these bonus offers is to trick the system. Make the supermarket think you're being disloyal and spending less! By doing this, you can earn thousands more points without actually spending a cent more at the checkout.
The supermarkets don't want you to do this as it tricks them into sending you better offers, more often!
Our course Non-Airline Loyalty Programs has a whole module dedicated to maximising the value of Supermarket Loyalty Programs with eight easy-to-action strategies to help you do just that. Below is an extract from the course. It covers the basics of targeted offers plus our first recommended strategy.
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This is an example of one of many little-known tidbits that makes Frequent Flyer Solutions such a valuable resource! 
Full details of the other strategies is available to Frequent Flyer Solutions members. Our module on Supermarket Loyalty Programs also contains a detailed analysis of the best ways to use Flybuys points, including how and why to convert points to Etihad Guest miles.
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