Webinars and Online Events

In addition to our comprehensive Training Program and personalised Award Flight Assist service, Frequent Flyer Solutions now also delivers informative live webinars. You can view highlights of previous webinars HERE.

By attending these sessions you'll get to hear - directly from our experts - the very latest tips, tactics, and strategies to travel better and for much less! And because they are delivered live, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with our team members.

Each event will cover a topic of interest to frequent flyers and will be presented by an expert in the field.

Previous webinars have covered topics such as redeeming points effectively for free flights, Cheap Round-the-World Travel, and shortcuts to obtaining Elite Airline Status.

Next Webinar: Lounge Luxury on a Budget (8 August)

Click HERE for more information and to register.

To attend any of our live webinars you will require access to a computer (or smart phone) with internet access.