12 September 2018

New, Revised Training Program

The Frequent Flyer Solutions training program has been completely refreshed! We’ve added lots of new content and completely updated all existing training units.

The new training units are easier to follow and all the information on each topic is now on a single, easy-to-read page. The new text-based units replace the previous video-based modules with PDF downloads and additional information pages. Although we have removed the old training videos, the new training is supplemented liberally with demonstrational videos and tons of other useful resources.

Among the changes is a brand new course! This means there are now 10 training courses. The new Course 6: Upgrade 101 is full of tips on getting flight upgrades. This course is based on a previous module in Course 5.

We’ve also added quizzes at the end of every course! After completing each training course, these short quizzes give you the opportunity to test your knowledge. Once you’ve passed every quiz, you’ll also now receive a certificate.

Here is a summary of the brand new training units that have been added: