Course 8: Airline Status

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Course Description

It’s not all about frequent flyer points! Frequent travellers can benefit greatly from the perks that come with airline elite status. Benefits include complimentary lounge access, a better chance of upgrading, the ability to skip airport queues and much more!

This course will show you how to achieve elite airline (and hotel) status as quickly and cheaply as possible. It will also demonstrate how to leverage your existing airline status to get a free status match with other airlines.

Don’t fly often? No problem! You may still be able to enjoy perks like lounge access without status.

Module 1 Status Shortcuts
Use status matches, challenges & other shortcuts to earn airline status quickly and for minimal cost.
Unit 1 8.1.1 Maximising Status Credits
Unit 2 8.1.2 Status Runs
Unit 3 8.1.3 Status Matches
Unit 4 8.1.4 Status Challenges
Unit 5 8.1.5 Hotel Status Shortcuts
Module 2 Lounge Access for Less
How to access airport lounges without airline status or a Business class ticket.
Unit 1 8.2.1 Paid Airline Lounge Membership
Unit 2 8.2.2 Priority Pass
Unit 3 8.2.3 Credit Card Lounge Access
Module 3 End of Course 8 Quiz

End of Course 8 Quiz

Unit 1 End of Course 8 Quiz

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