Course 4: Buy Points

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Course Description

This course explains how to fly in Business and First Class for just a fraction of the price! The trick is to buy frequent flyer points, then to find the "sweet spots" to redeem the points for maximum value.

Course 4, "Buy Points", will show you how to do this with 7 overseas frequent flyer programs. You'll learn how to buy points, how to redeem the points and where the value lies.

Buying points can make sense where the cost of the points is lower than the value of the reward for which they are redeemed. For example, you could buy $500 worth of points and redeem them for a Business Class flight worth over $2,000!

If you happen to have a very high credit card spend, you may have more points than you know what to do with. For everyone else, buying points is a cost-effective way to boost your frequent flyer point balance.

Module 1 Introduction to Buying Points
The basics of buying points for discounted premium cabin travel.
Unit 1 4.1.1 Why Buy Frequent Flyer Points?
Unit 2 4.1.2 Preparation & Potential Risks
Unit 3 4.1.3 Buying Qantas & Velocity Points
Module 2 Key Programs that Sell Points
Learn the ins & outs of 7 international frequent flyer programs that sell points, including how & when to buy them and how best to redeem them.
Unit 1 4.2.1 American Airlines AAdvantage
Unit 2 4.2.2 Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
Unit 3 4.2.3 United MileagePlus
Unit 4 4.2.4 Avianca LifeMiles
Unit 5 4.2.5 Aegean Miles+Bonus
Unit 6 4.2.6 Etihad Guest
Unit 7 4.2.7 British Airways Executive Club
Unit 8 4.2.8 Marriott Bonvoy
Module 3 End of Course 4 Quiz

End of Course 4 Quiz

Unit 1 End of Course 4 Quiz

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