Course 7: Cheap Airfares

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Course Description

Want to spend less on plane tickets? (Who doesn't?!) This course reveals the secrets to finding cheap flights! It will show you the when, where and how to search for the cheapest airfares, and reveal loopholes for getting better value from your plane tickets. This course includes tips to nab domestic flights for as little as $27 and long-haul international flights for just a few hundred dollars.

Course 7 also covers round-the-world tickets in detail. Learn all about the different types of round-the-world tickets, including awards, and discover the tricks to save thousands of dollars.

Module 1 Find Cheap Flights
Tricks and strategies to fly as cheaply as possible.
Unit 1 7.1.1 Online Tools for Cheap Flights
Unit 2 7.1.2 ITA Matrix
Unit 3 7.1.3 The Science of Airfares
Unit 4 7.1.4 Cheap Flight Strategies
Unit 5 7.1.5 Specific Cheap Flight Strategies by Route
Unit 6 7.1.6 Award vs Revenue Tickets
Unit 7 7.1.7 Error Fares
Module 2 Round-the-World Tickets
Everything you need to know about round-the-world airfares and award tickets.
Unit 1 7.2.1 Alliance Round-the-World Tickets
Unit 2 7.2.2 Other Cheap Round-the-World Tickets
Unit 3 7.2.3 Round-the-World using Points
Module 3 Stopovers & Ticketing Tricks
Take advantage of free stopovers and ticketing tricks to gain even more value from your ticket.
Unit 1 7.3.1 Extended Transits
Unit 2 7.3.2 Free Stopovers
Unit 3 7.3.3 Ticketing Tricks
Module 4 End of Course 7 Quiz

End of Course 7 Quiz

Unit 1 End of Course 7 Quiz

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