Course 3: Credit Cards

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Course Description
Credit cards are the key to maximising your frequent flyer points! They make it easy to earn hundreds of thousands of points each year - without flying, and for very little outlay! In particular, credit card sign-up bonuses are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to earn large amounts of points. You can then redeem those points for (almost) free flights and upgrades!

This course compares and analyses Australia's credit cards and their rewards programs. It also explores strategies to maximise the number of points earned - including how to earn points for paying tax and home loans.
Module 1 Introduction to Credit Cards
The basics of credit card rewards programs and the importance of credit ratings.
Unit 1 3.1.1 Introduction to Credit Card Rewards
Unit 2 3.1.2 Credit Ratings
Module 2 Credit Card Rewards Programs
All about earning & redeeming credit card rewards points, plus tips on choosing a credit card.
Unit 1 3.2.1 Redeeming Credit Card Points
Unit 2 3.2.2 Complete Overview of Credit Card Programs
Unit 3 3.2.3 Transferring Points
Unit 4 3.2.4 Choose the Right Credit Card
Module 3 Advanced Earning Methods
Strategies to earn even more points from credit cards.
Unit 1 3.3.1 Bonus Sign-up Points
Unit 2 3.3.2 Earn Points for Tax Payments
Unit 3 3.3.3 Gift Vouchers
Module 4 Alternative Earning Methods
Other methods of earning points for payments without using a credit card.
Unit 1 3.4.1 Point-Earning Alternatives to Credit Cards
Unit 2 3.4.2 Frequent Flyer Points on Loans
Module 5 End of Course 3 Quiz

End of Course 3 Quiz

Unit 1 End of Course 3 Quiz

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