Course 5: Redeem Points

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Course Description

So, you’ve accumulated a healthy balance of frequent flyer points. Now it’s time for the fun part – spending them! Frequent flyer points are highly valuable if you’re able to use them to their full potential. Unfortunately, award availability is limited and the airlines don't always make it easy to redeem your points.

This course will show you how to redeem your points, including how to find award availability quickly, accurately and independently. Find out where to look for seats and how to search using airline websites and specialised tools.

Module 1 Introduction to Frequent Flyer Redemptions
The basics of redeeming frequent flyer points for award travel.
Unit 1 5.1.1 Redeeming Points for Flights
Unit 2 5.1.2 Award Availability Search Techniques
Unit 3 5.1.3 Avoid Fuel & Carrier Surcharges
Module 2 Find Award Availability using Airline Websites
The best airline websites to find award availability quickly, accurately and for free.
Unit 1 5.2.1 Find Qantas & Oneworld Award Availability
Unit 2 5.2.2 Find Virgin Australia & Partner Airline Award Availability
Unit 3 5.2.3 Find Star Alliance Award Availability
Unit 4 5.2.4 Find SkyTeam Award Availability
Module 3 Find Award Availability using Specialised Tools
Specialised online tools can help with searching for hard-to-find award seats.
Unit 1 5.3.1 Introduction to Specialised Online Tools
Unit 2 5.3.2 KVS Tool
Unit 3 5.3.3 Award Nexus
Unit 4 5.3.4 Expert Flyer
Unit 5 5.3.5 Juicy Miles
Module 4 End of Course 5 Quiz

End of Course 5 Quiz

Unit 1 End of Course 5 Quiz

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