Course 6: Upgrade 101

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Course Description

Fancy sipping champagne, eating a delicious meal and being treated like royalty, while you relax in your lie-flat bed in the sky on your next flight… when you've bought an Economy ticket? You can, by upgrading your flight!

"Upgrade 101" explains how you can convert your frequent flyer points into an upgrade. Learn how to increase your chances of securing an upgrade with Qantas, and how to upgrade with points on many other airlines. This course also explains how to get discounted cash upgrades, including via online upgrade auctions.

Module 1 Upgrade with Points
How to secure an upgrade using frequent flyer points.
Unit 1 6.1.1 Qantas Upgrades
Unit 2 6.1.2 Virgin Australia Upgrades
Unit 3 6.1.3 Point Upgrades on Other Airlines
Unit 4 6.1.4 Alliance-Wide Upgrades
Module 2 Alternative Upgrade Strategies
Strategies to get a discounted upgrade without redeeming points.
Unit 1 6.2.1 Online Upgrade Auctions
Unit 2 6.2.2 Other Cheap Upgrade Strategies
Unit 3 6.2.3 Operational Upgrades
Module 3 End of Course 6 Quiz

End of Course 6 Quiz

Unit 1 End of Course 6 Quiz

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