2 February 2021

New Training Units

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of two new training units to help Frequent Flyer Solutions members navigate travel & frequent flyer programs during and after COVID-19.

Unit 8.1.6: COVID-19 Status Extensions

While travel restrictions have been in place, most airline and hotel loyalty programs have given complimentary status extensions to their members and/or offered other incentives to make it easier for members to renew their status.

This new unit in our Airline Status course explains how Qantas & Virgin Australia frequent flyers can take advantage of the various status extensions and offers announced since March 2020. This unit also lists the airlines that have announced a second year of status extensions for their loyalty program members, and outlines what the major hotel loyalty programs are doing to make it easier for their members to earn or renew status in 2021.

Business Class & First Class members can access the new unit here: Unit 8.1.6 (COVID-19 Status Extensions)

Unit 10.2.7: Travel in a Post-COVID World

COVID-19 has changed travel. This new unit in our Travel Tips course will help you to navigate the current domestic & international travel restrictions, and explores the outlook for the resumption of international travel. This unit will be updated regularly as international travel restrictions are eased, with useful information about travelling overseas in the post-COVID environment.

Business Class & First Class members can access the new unit here: Unit 10.2.7 (Travel in a Post-COVID World)