3 June 2021

Frequent Flyer Training Updates

Here are some of the new updates we’ve recently made to the Frequent Flyer Solutions training as of 3 June 2021.

As a reminder, unlimited access to the Frequent Flyer Solutions training program is available to all Business Class & First Class members! If you’re a Premium Economy or Economy member, you can access the first unit of every course for free or upgrade your membership to gain full access.

New Qantas Points Club benefits

Qantas has added several new Points Club benefits including hotel vouchers, wine vouchers and a new “Milestone Bonus Reward”. Unit 2.1.3 (Qantas Points Club) updated.

New 2021 United Airlines status challenge

United Airlines has launched a new MileagePlus status match challenge for 2021, which now comes with a 120-day trial period instead of 90 days. Unit 8.1.4 (Status Challenges) updated.

New Zealand travel bubble information added

We’ve added a section on the trans-Tasman travel bubble, which launched on 19 April 2021 allowing quarantine-free travel between Australia & New Zealand, to Unit 10.2.7 (Travel in a Post-COVID-World).

More Virgin Australia domestic status runs added

We’ve updated the section on Virgin Australia status runs in Unit 8.1.2 (Status Runs) with new domestic Velocity status runs within Australia.

Join Qantas Business Rewards for free

We’ve added a new section to Unit 9.3.1 (Qantas Business Rewards) which explains how your business can join Qantas’ loyalty program for businesses without paying the $89.50 joining fee.

Changes to various airline partnerships

The following airlines have recently ended their partnerships, meaning it is no longer possible to earn or redeem points/miles on the other airline:

  • Etihad & Air Seychelles
  • Qatar Airways & GOL
  • Alaska Airlines & Emirates (ends 31 July 2021)

We’ve updated references to these partnerships throughout the training program.

Changes to Qantas Club membership pricing

Qantas Club has reduced its joining fee and increased annual renewal rates. For members of the AFF Qantas Club corporate scheme, however, renewal prices are unchanged and the joining fee has also been reduced. Unit 8.2.1 (Paid Airline Lounge Membership) updated.

Updates to credit card sign-up offers

We continuously update the Credit Card Master List in Unit 3.2.4 (Choosing a Credit Card), as well as Unit 3.3.1 (Bonus Sign-up Points), at the start of every month. This was last updated on 3 June 2021.