4 October 2021

Frequent Flyer Training Updates

Here are some of the recent changes to loyalty programs and new updates we’ve made to the Frequent Flyer Solutions training as of 4 October 2021.

As a reminder, Business & First Class members enjoy unlimited access to the Frequent Flyer Solutions training program. If you’re a Premium Economy or Economy member, you can access the first unit of every course for free or upgrade your membership to gain full access!

New Virgin Australia status extensions

Virgin Australia has announced a new round of Velocity status extensions for some Silver, Gold and Platinum members. We’ve updated Unit 8.1.6 (COVID-19 Status Extensions) with the details.

The Hilton Honors and Shangri-La Golden Circle hotel loyalty programs have also recently announced further 12-month status extensions for their members. Unit 8.1.6 also contains updated information about hotel status extensions.

New Air Canada status match

Air Canada has launched a new limited-time status match promotion for frequent flyers with US airlines who live in the United States. Unit 8.1.3 (Status Matches) updated.

Hilton status match update

Hilton has launched a new 2021 status match & challenge for members of other loyalty programs. With this offer, you’ll get Hilton Gold or Diamond status for 90 days and can extend this until 31 March 2023 by staying at least 5 nights (Gold challenge) or 9 nights (Diamond challenge) at Hilton hotels during your 90-day trial period. Unit 8.1.5 (Hotel Status Shortcuts) has been updated with the details.

British Airways Executive Club opens to Australians

British Airways Executive Club has finally removed a bizarre long-standing ban on Australian & New Zealand residents. Australians can now freely join the British Airways frequent flyer program using an Australian address. Unit 2.3.6 (Join Now!) updated.

Changes to Qantas carrier charges

Qantas has recently increased the carrier charges payable when redeeming points for Qantas Classic Flight Rewards on some routes, including on flights to USA, Canada, Hong Kong and the UK. We’ve updated the list of Qantas carrier charges in Unit 2.1.2 (Redeem Qantas Points).

Updates to credit card sign-up offers

We continuously update the Credit Card Master List in Unit 3.2.4 (Choosing a Credit Card), as well as current Australian credit card sign-up offers in Unit 3.3.1 (Bonus Sign-up Points), at the start of every month. This was last updated on 4 October 2021.