Course 01: Frequent Flyer 101

Welcome to Course 1: Frequent Flyer 101

New to the exciting world of frequent flyer points? This course is the perfect starting point! “Frequent Flyer 101” explains the ins & outs of frequent flyer programs, and earning and redeeming points.

To help you get you started, this course introduces a range of useful tools and strategies to improve your travel experience. It also introduces important concepts such as fare classes. This knowledge will not only help you in later courses, but it will also help to improve your travel experience.

Module 1 The Basics of Frequent Flyer Programs
Unit 1 Why Frequent Flyer Programs?  - Preview
Unit 2 Points & Status Credits
Unit 3 Airline Alliances
Module 2 Essential Tips & Tools
Unit 1 Choosing a Frequent Flyer Program
Unit 2 Valuable Tools for Frequent Flyers
Unit 3 Prevent Points from Expiring
Unit 4 Effortlessly Manage Travel Bookings
Unit 5 Get the Best Seat on the Plane
Unit 6 Introduction to Fare Classes
Module 3 End of Course 1 Quiz
Unit 1 Course 1 Quiz


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