Course 08: Airline Status & Lounges

Welcome to Course 8: Airline Status & Lounges

It’s not all about frequent flyer points! Regular travellers can benefit greatly from the perks that come with elite frequent flyer status. Benefits include complimentary lounge access, a better chance of upgrading, the ability to skip airport queues and much more!

This course will show you how to achieve elite airline & hotel status as quickly and cheaply as possible. It will also demonstrate how to leverage your existing airline status to get a free status match with other airlines.

Don’t fly often? No problem! We'll show you how you can still enjoy perks like lounge access without status.


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Course 8 Overview

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Module 1 Status Shortcuts
Unit 1 Maximising Status Credits  - Preview
Unit 2 Status Runs
Unit 3 Status Matches
Unit 4 Status Challenges
Unit 5 Hotel Status Shortcuts
Unit 6 COVID-19 Status Extensions
Module 2 Lounge Access for Less
Unit 1 Paid Airline Lounge Membership
Unit 2 Priority Pass
Unit 3 Credit Card Lounge Access
Module 3 End of Course 8 Quiz
Unit 1 Course 8 Quiz