Here are some answers to common questions about Frequent Flyer Solutions First Class membership.


When can I use my complimentary Personal Consultation?

You are free to use your complimentary Personal Consultation session any time during your current First Class membership year, i.e. within 12 months of upgrading your account. The benefit will expire if it is not redeemed during your membership year. However, if you renew your First Class membership, you will receive a new complimentary Personal Consultation to use during each subsequent membership year.

I’ve already used my complimentary Personal Consultation. Can I pay for another session?

Yes. Subsequent sessions will be charged at the normal rate of $295.00 per 60-minute session.

How does the $200 Award Flight Assist credit work?

In your First Class welcome pack, you will receive a unique coupon code which gives a $200 discount off our Award Flight Assist service. This coupon code will expire after 12 months. If you use Award Flight Assist and the total price for the service is more than $200, you will need to pay any difference at the time of using the service. If the cost comes to less than $200, we will issue you a new coupon code to cover the remaining amount. The new coupon code will expire on the same date as the original coupon code.

I’m already an AFF GOLD member. Can I get a discount on First Class membership of Frequent Flyer Solutions?

Yes. One of the benefits of Frequent Flyer Solutions First Class membership is complimentary Australian Frequent Flyer (AFF) GOLD membership, valued at $75 per year. If you are already an AFF GOLD member, we’ll recognise this by giving you $75 off your Frequent Flyer Solutions First Class membership. Please see the Gold Member Benefits section on AFF for more information.

Do you have any other questions?

Feel free to Contact Us with any additional questions you may have.


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