We can help you to redeem your frequent flyer points!

Frequent Flyer Concierge is an Australian award booking service that can help you to redeem your frequent flyer points for travel! Using our expert knowledge and specialised tools, we take the hard work out of finding frequent flyer reward seats.

Here’s how it works:


Tell us about your trip

Start by requesting an assessment from us. Let us know when & where you would like to travel, and how many points you have.


Your assessment

We will provide you with an assessment of your chances of finding seats and an estimated fee price.


We work our magic

Once you’ve paid for the initial fee, we start the research to find flights for you.


Your flight details

Upon payment of the final fee, we’ll show you the best available award flights and the cabin & lounge experience you can expect, with clear booking instructions.

Why Frequent Flyer Concierge?

It can be difficult to work out how best to redeem your points and to find award availability. Airlines don’t always make it easy to redeem your hard-earned points effectively. But there’s no need to waste hours searching for award seats that might not even exist.

We can help you with simple award flight bookings, right through to complex round-the-world itineraries. Our team knows how to find award availability, how to take advantage of frequent flyer program sweet spots, and we can help you to maximise free stopovers & open-jaws. If you have points with multiple rewards programs, we can also advise on the best program to use. So your points go even further!

Frequent Flyer Programs

We work with most major frequent flyer programs including Qantas Frequent Flyer, Virgin Australia Velocity and Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer.

We can also help you to transfer and redeem points with all major Australian credit card reward programs including Amex Membership Rewards, Westpac Altitude and ANZ Rewards.

For a full list of programs that we cover, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Our Prices

We offer a simple and affordable price structure:

Total fee

To release the search results, booking instructions and cabin/lounge ratings, we charge 10% of the retail price of an equivalent cash fare for the award seat that we have found.

The retail price is based on the lowest available fare on Google Flights, at the time we find your award seat, for the dates requested and in the same cabin class as the award seat found.

We will provide you with an assessment and fee estimate prior to payment.

Initial fee

The total fee is charged in two parts.

We charge an initial fee to kick off our research. Once we find you seats, all you need to do is pay the balance of the final fee to unlock your flight details and step-by-step instructions on how to book your seats.

When calculating the final fee, the initial fee is deducted from the total price.

This is the initial fee, per person, based on the highest cabin class you’d like us to search for flights in:


Economy $50
Premium Economy $75
Business $100
First $200

Michael wants to fly Business Class return from Sydney to London with his partner, departing 14 February and returning 6 March.

He looks on Google Flights and the best price for 2 passengers in Business Class is $13,060 round-trip. Michael has been saving reward points and is eager to use them.


Request an assessment

He completes the questionnaire on Request a Frequent Flyer Concierge assessment


The assessment

A day later Michael receives an email with an assessment of his request, stating that the chances of finding his seats are good (60-80% chance of success) with an estimated fee of around $1,300.


We work our magic

Michael decides to pays the initial fee of $200 to kick off the research. (Initial fee = 2 seats * $100 business class cabin)️


Michael's flight details

A few days later, Michael receives a text and an email notifying him that his reward seats have been found. He pays the final fee of $1,106 to release the search results and step-by-step booking instructions.

(Final fee = $1,306 which is 10% of the lowest available cash fare for 2 equivalent Business Class seats for the dates, minus the initial payment of $200)️.


Michael immediately books his seats with 636,000 points and $1,721 in taxes & carrier charges for 2 people.

By using his points, Michael just saved $10,033 to fly Business Class to London and back. (Savings = cash fare of $13,060 – taxes and charges – our fee of $1,306)

Our Award Travel Experts

Our experienced team of award travel experts can help you to book the best possible trip using your points! You can read more about our team members below…

Award Travel Consultant

Bronwyn is a passionate points collector and travel planner whose every adventure commences with hunting down the perfect award seats. She aims to help you travel better and further.

Award Travel Consultant

Lance has a wealth of knowledge about a wide range of different frequent flyer programs. He knows all the tricks to securing an award ticket at the pointy end of the plane!

Award Travel Consultant

Wilson’s love of travel started from a young age, but his love for points developed after figuring out ways to travel on a gap year for less – leading naturally towards Australian Frequent Flyer! Wilson’s hobbies include skiing, cricket and planning trips, both with and without points.

Award Travel Consultant

Devon developed her passion for frequent flyer points after flying standby in the pointy end with staff travel. With an epidemiology background, she brings a systematic approach to help others redeem their points.

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