Would you like personalised advice from an expert in frequent flyer programs?

As an exclusive benefit for our First Class members, Frequent Flyer Solutions is pleased to offer members a 60-minute personal Frequent Flyer Points Consultation session with Matt Graham, our resident frequent flyer points guru. Matt is the Editor of Australian Frequent Flyer, the host of our informative webinars and an avid traveller & points collector. He has a particular interest in frequent flyer programs and making them work for you.


Your Points Consultation is all about you!

During your Zoom, Skype or phone call, you’re free to discuss anything you like! Matt can offer personalised advice on a wide range of topics depending on your needs, including:

  • Credit card and frequent flyer program recommendations
  • Advice on maximising point-earning opportunities
  • General advice on redeeming points
  • Strategies for buying points and miles
  • Creating a personalised strategy to earn and maximise airline status
  • Developing a personalised plan for earning and/or redeeming points for a specific trip
  • Specialised help with flight bookings, including status runs (please note: this service is not a substitute for Award Flight Assist)

After your Points Consultation, you’ll receive a full recording of the conversation for your future reference.

If you are a First Class member, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions using our dedicated Help Desk service.


This service is exclusively available to First Class members of Frequent Flyer Solutions. Learn more about our membership levels →

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This service is available exclusively to Frequent Flyer Solutions First Class members.

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