Due to the digital nature of the information we provide, we do not offer refunds for fees paid to access our digital content.

We want you to be completely happy with any Frequent Flyer Solutions purchases you may make. Therefore, before purchasing our digital content, we advise you become a (free) member of our website to determine:

  1. Whether you can access our service.
  2. Whether you can view our online videos and download associated material.
  3. Are satisfied with the quality of our material.

Once you are a member, you will be able to access some of our content which will enable you to make this assessment before making a purchase.


Award Flight Assist

All Award Flight Assist quote requests are assessed by a member of our team. We will not request payment if we do not believe we will be able to find any flights.

In the unlikely event that you pay for our service and we are unable to find any flights based on the criteria you provide us in your quote request and the information given to you when we send your quote, we will provide a refund. However, we are unable to provide a refund if we do find a suitable flight/s and you choose not to book.