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It's free to join Frequent Flyer Solutions as an Economy Class member. This gives you access to most of our services and the first unit of every training course.

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Premium Economy

We hold at least 8 online webinars each year on a wide range of topics of interest to frequent flyers.

It normally costs $39.95 to attend any of our webinars. But Premium Economy members enjoy unlimited access to all webinars for just $125 per year.

A year’s worth of webinar access is valued at $319.60, so that’s a 61% saving!

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Business Class

All Frequent Flyer Solutions members can access the first unit of every course in our frequent flyer training program.

By upgrading to Business Class, you’ll have full and unlimited access to our entire training program, including all course updates and new training we publish while you are a member. This is in addition to unlimited webinar access.

Business Class membership costs just $195 per year. By following just one of the many tips and strategies covered in our comprehensive training courses, we’re very confident you will easily recoup this modest investment!

Unparalleled Benefits

First Class

First Class membership is the ultimate resource for frequent flyers.

Whether you’re a complete beginner to the world of points, or perhaps you’d like more personalised assistance to refine your strategy, a First Class membership will help you to get much more from your travel experience!

For $695 per year, you’ll receive:

See our First Class Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.

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Overview of Membership Levels

Economy Class

$0/ year
  • View the first unit of every training course
  • Access Frequent Flyer Solutions services
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Premium Economy

$125/ year
  • All Economy Class benefits
  • Attend all webinars
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Business Class

$195/ year
  • All Premium Economy benefits
  • Full access to all frequent flyer training courses & updates
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First Class

$695/ year
  • All Business Class benefits
  • Complimentary Points Consultation
  • Dedicated Help Desk
  • $200 Award Flight Assist credit
  • AFF Gold membership
  • View all past webinars
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